Kamis, 25 Oktober 2012

Thanks, to Mrs Theo Li Wei & Family from Malaysia.

1000 lots of thanks on Mrs. Li Wei and Theo family who came to bali for a holiday.
And with a sense of pride can take you
way over in bali to sights.
I feel sad when you okey...
back to malaysia and I have a hope of being able to meet again at another time.
I hope many of you have stories of bali to your friends
in malysia.
And I am also grateful for the opportunity to be create tourist attractions guide.
And Mrs. Theo & family stay 3 nights in lovina beach and 2 nights in kuta.
They went like: Dolphine, bali food, waterfall, rabbit satay, , eating at the edge of kintamani, shopping and many places.
And I am also grateful because it is always in the eating and invite your most memorable time we ate at jimbaran seafood while watching the sunset.
I apologize if there is less good than me and may you return to malaysia with a beautiful smile.
Bali Local Guide 

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