Jumat, 27 Juli 2012

Bali Local Driver & Bali Tours Guide

Elvys Bali Driver & Elvys Bali Tours is a travel agency with private services from 1997.
And tours are not sarring with other passengers, and really very private so you better enjoy the ride tours.

And I am running my transport to serve the tourists coming to Bali for a vacation.
With the price or give me a budget that is not too expensive and services are very satisfactory.
If you are not satisfied with our services, you can take your money back, because my private transport no problems from anyone.
Bali Island is a private vacation home for you and your family.
You can imagine how beautiful the transport around Bali with affordable prices and satisfactory services.
Only pay the IRD: 450.000/CARS for 1 day tours include: Petrol, drivers who can speak English, Parking fee for cars.
Many places you can visit while in Bali and it depends on how many days you want to holiday in Bali.
So for this example is an article I wrote on my website.
Email : info@elvysbalitours.com

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